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Last updated on July 12th

Even though the current government guidance has further relaxed restrictions for churches, we are still unable to meet on a Sunday. The three critera we are using to asses whether we can start meeting again are:

  1. Is it biblical? Under the current guidelines are we able to worship in a manner that is faithful to the biblical idea of church?
  2. Is it safe? Are we able to implement the current guidelines effectively so that we can gather safely and not spread the disease?
  3. Is it possible? Are we actually able to rent a suitable hall?

At the moment it is clear we cannot meet those criteria and therefore we will not be meeting on a Sunday until we can.

Keeping Connected

The guidance does allow us to get together in much smaller groups in our homes and we are starting to do this, formed around simple practises or devotions that we see in the Bible. You can find out more about those here.

If you are unsure of how to do this please contact the church office for help.

We will also continue to use our Facebook Group to keep connected as a church family and encourage one another during the crisis. If you've not yet joined just head over to Facebook using the link above and click to join.

Community Support

We are currently providing support for anyone living in Exmouth or the surrounding area who are struggling to cope with life during the current crisis. This help could include anything from a friendly phone call through to shopping and running errands. If you would value our help please do contact us.

Here are some of the people we to partner with.