"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."

Acts 2:42

Being part of a church family is all about being devoted to Jesus and devoted to one another.

In the early church that devotion was expressed in simple, regular practises like growing together, praying together, eating together and loving together.

Each one was personally devoted to these because they wanted to know Jesus and enjoy God together.

Our church life is formed around these four simple devotions.

That means you won't find a busy calendar of events or a program of organised activites to get involved in.

But what you will find is a church family who are sharing life together, regularly connecting with each other around these devotions, and inviting our friends and neighbours to come and discover Jesus with us.

1 Growing Together

We are a people devoted to the Bible, because the Bible is all about Jesus. It’s the place we go to discover who Jesus is, to listen to him, and to learn what it means to follow him.

There are two ways we do this: by receiving teaching when we gather together on a Sunday, and by reading and reflecting on the Bible together with others in the church family.

2 Praying Together

We are also devoted to prayer because Jesus was devoted to prayer. It was how Jesus related to God as his Father, the way he knew him and experienced intimacy with him.

As followers of Jesus we are invited into the same relationship with God as our Father, and praying together is the way we come to experience intimacy with him and know him together.

3 Eating Together

We are also devoted to eating together whenever we can. Eating together is central to family life, and the early church ate together regularly to affirm their identity as family.

Whenever we eat together, we are committed to breaking bread as often as we can, being obedient to Jesus and celebrating his death and resurrection as family together.

4 Loving Together

Finally we are devoted to loving one another, intentionally building relationships with each other in the church and sharing our lives together so that nobody is in need.

We are also devoted to loving our community, reaching out to our friends and neigbours, ready to share our faith and be a blessing to our community wherever we can.

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